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The Firearms Compliance University (or FCU) is the largest online learning platform available in the industry. It provides Federal Firearms Licensees with 18 Compliance Tracks that include 80+ modules, videos, quizzes and more. Courses are suitably designed for newly hired employees, staff, managers and executives and are affordably priced as low as $9.99ea.

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FFL Types: Firearm Manufacture, Distribution / Wholesale, Retail, Pawn and Import / Export.

Content: Laws and Regulations, Firearm Types (GCA / NFA), FFL and SOTs (licensing), Marking, Transfers, Record Keeping and electronic Bound Books (A&D), Inspection Preparation, Firearm Industry Supply Chain, and much, much more.

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Online Courses

Orchid Advisors assists firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers in achieving compliance and operational excellence to reduce risk, cut costs, and provides expert guidance to make your business more successful and efficient.

· FFL & SOT Launch and Protection
· ATF & State Compliance
· Import / Export Strategy
· ATF Readiness / Mock Inspections
· Electronic A&D & Compliance Software
· Business Optimization - ERP, WMS, POS
· Firearms Compliance Conference