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FFL Types: Firearm Manufacture, Distribution / Wholesale, Retail, Pawn and Import / Export.

Content: Laws and Regulations, Firearm Types (GCA / NFA), FFL and SOTs (licensing), Marking, Transfers, Record Keeping and electronic Bound Books (A&D), Inspection Preparation, Firearm Industry Supply Chain, and much, much more.

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Course 105 - Retail Transactions and ATF Compliance

Firearms Compliance University - Course #105: Retail Transactions and ATF Compliance

This course is broken down into the following modules:

105-A Core Elements of Retail ATF Compliance
105-B Retail Receiving and FFL to FFL Shipments
105-C Sales To Non-Licensees Through ATF Form 4473 and NICS
105-D The NICS Background Check and Don't Lie for the Other Guy
105-E Retail Consignment Warranty Gun Shows and Online Sales

"Target Practice" contains a set of test questions at the end of each module to assess what the user has learned. All questions must be answered correctly to proceed. There is no time limit to finish the modules or "Target Practice".

Estimated time of Completion: 90 minutes